The Redesign Network leads innovation through human-centred research & systemic design.


Realize the value of strategic research for humanizing service & system experiences.

Collaborate to redesign product or strategy - from content to service to an organization.

We help transform your users' work and your organization. We fulfill on collaborative innovation by advising, designing, researching with best-fit team members from our network.

You get research & design insight across the decision cycle a complex product or service.

Redesign = Research

Evidence of quality & durability of our research work, we publish case studies, articles, & presentations from current projects.

Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience

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Partners & Communities

Located in Toronto, The Redesign Network scales by working with global communities, practice centres, & partnerships. Explore our network.

We are a practice centre for Dialogic Design - a systemic conferencing process for engaging stakeholders in futures-led co-creation and decision-making for high-complexity scenarios.

Dialogic Design Collaborative foresight for wise collective action on strategic, wicked problems.

Playthink Visual sensemaking for consultation, live events & engaging meetings.

Design with Dialogue Facilitating vision, change & meaningful action in our organizations, communities, & commitments.