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The Redesign Network is a consulting practice for service design, social and design research and innovation strategy. We accomplish research and design for interactive information services, web services, and complex service systems. We facilitate organizational strategy for design and innovation practices for large firms and start-ups.

Redesign has been in continuous operation since July 2001. While the company is located in Toronto, projects are coordinated globally, and professional team members join projects from any location, based on client requirements.

We consult in several knowledge domains, including Healthcare, Information Technology, Media & Publishing, Educational, Scientific, Legal, & Knowledge Management. By specializing we serve the client with a deeper understanding of practices, values and industry knowledge in their sectors. We can tailor the best methods to the end users in these sectors. It also enhances our ability to recruit & connect with professionals (your customers) in research settings.

Redesign extends its capacity through associates and collaboration. We have a ready network to enable the immediate formation of high-performance collaborative teams. We've used a knowledge network business model for many years, scaling up when client projects require it. Our network gives the client access to project teams staffed with world-class, experienced design and research professionals that we would not normally retain as full time.

We do not show client work on the Web, but will share references and provide links/references to projects when considering new work. We share knowledge, such as methods, practices, and research and participate in social and community action projects. We do not solicit new business through the website. We are able to satisfy most requests for proposal in 2-3 days upon serious request. RFPs and first contactsare preferred via email, not telephone.

Please refer to our Publications to uncover the ideas, innovations, intellectual traditions, and communities we participate in. We invite you to join us at one of our online communities for further interaction.


Peter Jones, Ph.D., Managing Partner

Patricia Kambitsch, Partner, Creative

Contact: firstname @redesignnetwork.com

Network & Partners


James Caldwell, Design Advisor

Oksana Kachur, MDes, Associate

Ryan Kealey, PhD candidate, Associate

Christopher Lee, Facilitator, Associate